Are Ikea Desks Good? [7 Useful Tips While Buying]

Ikea is a Swedish company that designs and sells furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories that can be easily assembled by the customer. It has been in business since 1943 and today operates in more than 63 countries.

Ikea is known for its affordable, modern designs. Its furniture is often criticized for being low quality, but its desks generally receive good reviews.

In this article, you’ll get a clear view of whether are Ikea desks good or not.

So let’s dive in!

Are Ikea Desks Good?

Yes, Ikea desks are good but keep in mind that most of the Ikea desks are not always of the best quality. 

They are often made of particle board or fiberboard, which is not as durable as wood or metal. 

If you need a desk that will last for many years, it is better to spend a bit more money and buy a higher-quality desk.

Ikea desks are a popular choice for many people looking for affordable, stylish furniture. 

There are a variety of Ikea desks to choose from, and they come in a range of prices.

An infographic showing Pros and Cons of Ikea Desks
Pros and Cons of Ikea Desks

Pros of Ikea Desks

Ikea furniture is known for being both stylish and affordable, and their desks are no exception. 

If you’re looking for a desk that won’t break the bank, Ikea is a great option. You can find a wide variety of styles to suit your taste, and the prices are very reasonable.

Ikea desks are also easy to assemble, which is a plus if you’re not handy or you don’t have a lot of time to put together furniture.

Another plus point of Ikea furniture is that it’s usually very sturdy. This is important if you plan on using your desk for work or school, as you don’t want it to wobble or fall apart after a few months of use. 

With proper care, an Ikea desk can last for years.

Cons of Ikea Desks

Ikea desks are inexpensive and easy to assemble, but there are some potential disadvantages to consider before buying one.

One of the biggest complaints about Ikea desks is that cheap models are not very sturdy. This is because they are made from particleboard and laminate. These materials are not as strong as solid wood, and they are more likely to sag or wobble over time.

Tips For Choosing The Best Ikea Desk

Ikea offers a wide variety of desks in different styles, sizes, and price ranges. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best Ikea desk for your needs:

1. Determine Your Budget

The first thing to do while buying a desk is to determine your budget. 

This is because there are many different types and styles of desks that are available, and you need to be sure you can afford the one you’re planning to buy.

2. Consider the Size of the Desk

There are many different sizes of desks available on the market, so you need to make sure that you choose the one that is going to be the best fit for your needs. 

If you have a small space home office, then you might want to consider a smaller desk so that you have more space to move around. 

But, if you have a larger office, then you might want to choose a bigger office desk so that you have more space to work with.

3. Consider the Style of the Desk

When shopping for an Ikea desk, consider the style of the desk. 

Ikea desks come in a variety of styles. You can find 

Take some time to look at all the different desk options so that you can find the perfect desk with the perfect design for you. 

However, you can anytime apply Ikea Hack to your desk.

4. Consider the Material of the Desk

Buy the desk according to the material you need.

  • Wood: Wood is strong and durable, and it can be stained or painted to match any decor.

But, wood is also heavy and difficult to move, so it’s not the best choice if you need to rearrange your furniture often.

  • Metal: They’re usually lighter than wood desks, so they’re easier to move. Metal desks also have a modern look that can complement a variety of decor.

But, they’re not as strong as wood desks, so they might not be the best choice if you want to put a lot of stuff on your desk.

  • Glass: They have a sleek, minimalist look that can add a touch of class to any room. 

But, glass is fragile and can be scratched or cracked, so it’s not the best choice if you have kids or pets.

5. Make Sure the Desk is the Right Height For You

It is important to make sure that the desk is the right height for you. Here are a few tips to help you choose the desk of the right height for you:

  • Measure your height before you go to the store. This will ensure that you are choosing a desk that is the right size for you.
  • If you are purchasing an adjustable desk, make sure to test it out in the store. Adjust the desk to different adjustable heights to see what is most comfortable for you.
  • Keep in mind that you will likely be sitting in a chair when you are using your desk. Make sure to factor in the height of your chair when choosing a desk.
  • Consider the height of the desk to be about the height of your computer monitor. You will want to make sure that the monitor is at eye level when you are sitting at the desk.

Below is an image showing the right height for a desk

An image showing The Right Posture While Sitting at a Desk
Right Posture While Sitting at a Desk

And if you’re planning to buy a standing desk then its height should be accommodated for by the monitor being slightly higher. The standing desk can be converted into a sit-stand desk easily.

6. Choose a Desk With Drawers or Shelves if you Need Extra Storage

It’s important to have a desk with more storage space to place your items like books.

When buying a desk with extra storage space you have two main options:

Drawers: They are a great way to store office supplies, such as pens, paper, and books. They’re also great for organizing your desk.

Shelves are easy to access and can hold larger items.

However, if you don’t want to buy a desk with storage space then you can buy an external drawer unit like Alex Drawer.

7. Look for a Desk With a Smooth Surface

While buying an Ikea desk, look for a desk with a smooth surface. This will 


Is Ikea Desk The Cheapest?

Yes and no, Ikea offers a variety of desks that range in price, so you can find one that fits your budget.
But, some of the Ikea desks are cheap and are made from particle board and melamine.

Are Ikea Desks Good For Gaming?

Yes, Ikea desks are good for gaming. It has some great gaming desks that are cheap, easy to assemble, look clean and minimalist, and give you plenty of desk space for your gaming accessories.

What is the Best Ikea Hack For a Corner Desk?

The best Ikea hack for a corner desk is to create a basic productivity hub with some Alex drawers, Godvin legs, and a Linnmon tabletop.


Ikea desks are a good value for the price. They are well-constructed and look great, and they are very affordable.

If you need a desk that is going to last a long time, or if you need a lot of storage space, then Ikea desks may not be the best option for you. 

But if you need a decent desk for a reasonable price, then Ikea is worth considering.

What do you think are Ikea desks good? Let us know in the comments.

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