How to Build a Desk With Drawers at Home [Easy 7-Steps Guide]

If you’re looking for a way to create a functional and stylish workstation, look no further than this guide on how to build a desk with drawers.

By following the 7 simple steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to construct a functional and stylish desk under $200 with drawers in no time at all.

So, let’s dive in!

How to Build a Desk With Drawers?

Building a desk with drawers is a relatively simple woodworking project that can be completed on a weekend. The most important aspect of the project is to take accurate measurements so that the desk fits perfectly in the desired space.

Here are the simple 7 steps on how to make a desk with drawers.

1. Installing the Desk Drawers

So, these are the main steps you have to do to add drawers to your desk.

  1. Using a power drill, create four pilot holes in the back of the drawer box, evenly spaced. These will be used to screw the drawer box to the desk.
  2.  Place the drawer box upside down on the desk. Center it so that there is an equal amount of space on either side.
  3.  Using the pilot holes as a guide, screw the drawer box to the desk.
  4.  Place the drawer slides on the desk, flush with the front of the drawer box. Make sure that the slides are facing the correct direction so that the drawer will open and close smoothly.
  5.  Using a power drill, create four pilot holes in the drawer box, evenly spaced. These will be used to screw the drawer slides to the drawer box.
  6.  Using the pilot holes as a guide, screw the drawer slides into the drawer box.
  7.  Place the drawer front on the desk drawer box. Make sure that it is flush with the front of the drawer box and that the handles are in the correct position.

2. Create & Attach Desk Side Panels and Legs

Now, it’s time to create and attach the side panels and the legs of your desk.

Follow these steps to do this.

  1. Using a measuring tape, measure the width of your desktop and add 1” to that measurement. This is the width you will cut your side panels to.
  2. Cut your 2”x4” lumber to the width you just measured. You will need two pieces that are this length.
  3.  Place your side panels flush with the sides of your desktop and screw them into place using 2” pocket screws. pre-drill holes for the screws to avoid splitting the wood.
  4.  Measure the distance between the two drawer side and cut your 2”x4” lumber to this length. These will be the front and back pieces of your frame.
  5.  Screw the front and back pieces into place using 2” screws.
  6.  Cut your 1”x4” lumber to the width of your frame. You will need two pieces that are this length.
  7.  Place the 1”x4” pieces flush with the top of your frame and screw them into place using 1” screws.
  8.  Measure the distance between the two 1”x4” pieces and cut your 1”x4” lumber to this length

3. Create & Attach the Desk’s Upper Surface 

If you’re building a desk from scratch, you’ll need to attach the upper surface to the frame. 

This can be done using a variety of methods, depending on the materials you’re using and the design of your desk.

The following are the steps to do it.

  1.  First, you will need to measure the desk top of the desk to that you want to attach the upper surface. You will need to be very precise with your measurements so that the surface will fit perfectly.
  2.  Next, you will need to cut the piece of wood that you will be using for the upper surface. Again, it is important to be precise with your measurements so that the surface will fit perfectly.
  3.  Once you have the piece of wood cut to the right size, you will need to sand it down so that it is smooth. This is an important step because you do not want any rough edges on the wood.
  4.  After the wood is sanded, you will need to apply a wood sealer to it. This will help to protect the wood and make it last longer.
  5.  Once the wood sealer is dry, you will need to attach the upper surface to the desk. You can do this by using screws or nails. Be sure to be

4. Build & Install Doors

Building and installing doors to your office desk is a great way to add privacy and style to your workspace.

Follow the following steps to add the doors to the desk.

Making the doors

  1.  Start by creating a door desk plan or template. This will help you determine the size and shape of your door panels.
  2.  Cut the door panels out of MDF or plywood using a router or saw.
  3.  Drill holes for the hinges, latch, and knob hardware.
  4.  Paint or stain the door panels.
  5.  Attach the hinges to the door panels.
  6.  Install the latch or knob hardware.
  7.  Caulk around the door panels (optional).

Installing the doors

  1.  Measure the opening of the desk to determine where the doors will be installed.
  2.  Mark the placement of the doors on the desk.
  3.  Drill pilot holes for the hinges.
  4.  Attach the door panels to the desk using the hinges.
  5.  Adjust the placement of the doors as needed.
  6.  Secure the latch or knob hardware in place.

5. Create and Attach Back Panel

So, now after installing the doors to your desk it’s time to attach the back panel.

Here’s the process of creating and attaching the back panel of your desk.

  1. Cut your back panel to size. Make sure it’s slightly smaller than your finished opening, to allow for a snug fit.
  2. Position your back panel in the opening, and mark where the studs are located. Remove the panel and predrill holes for the screws.
  3. Attach the back panel to the studs using screws. Make sure the screws are long enough to go through the panel and into the studs.
  4. Use wood filler to fill in any gaps around the edges of the panel. Allow the filler to dry, then sand it smooth.
  5. Prime and paint the back panel to match the rest of your door.

6. Add a Keyboard Tray

Adding a keyboard tray is a relatively easy way to add extra functionality and it’ll also do a favor to your hand ankles. 

Here’s how to add a keyboard tray to your simple desk:

  1.  Start by measuring the width of your desk and the depth of the keyboard tray. You’ll want to make sure the tray is wide enough to comfortably fit your keyboard and mouse, and that it’s deep enough so that the keyboard doesn’t protrude over the edge.
  2.  Cut a piece of plywood to the appropriate size for the keyboard tray. If you’re not comfortable working with wood, you can also use a piece of pre-cut melamine.
  3.  Attach the keyboard tray to the underside of the desk using screws or brackets. Make sure it’s level and secure before proceeding.
  4.  If you’re using a piece of plywood, cover it with a layer of adhesive keyboard tray liner. This will give the tray a smooth, finished surface.
  5.  Place your keyboard and mouse on the tray, and you’re all set!

7. Add Adjustable Shelves

If you’re looking to add some extra storage space to your desk while you’re building it, adjustable shelves are a great option. 

They’re easy to install and give you the flexibility to adjust the shelf height to suit your needs. 

Here’s how to add adjustable shelves to your desk:

  • If you find that your desk is cluttered and unorganized, you may want to consider adding adjustable shelves. 
  • When adding adjustable shelves to your desk, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide where you want the shelves to go.
  • Once you’ve decided where you want the shelves to go, you’ll need to measure the space so that you know how big to make the shelves. 
  • Once you have all of the measurements and you know how many shelves you want, you can start to assemble the shelves. If you’re adding the shelves to the side of your desk, you’ll need to attach them to the desk with screws. 
  • Once the shelves are assembled and attached to the desk, you can start to add your belongings to the shelves.

Finally, Give a Final Clean & Start Using

Now clean your desk, get rid of the dust over it, and adjust it according to you, and now start using it and enjoy.

But studies still show that a cluttered desk is a sign of genius and creativity.


What is the Best Wood to Build a Desk With?

The best wood to build a modern desk with is maple and pine.

Can You Attach Drawers to a Desk?

Yes, you can attach drawers to a desk with the help of pocket holes, pocket hole screws, and wood glue.

Can You Make a Desk Out of a Dresser?

You can turn a dresser into a desk by adding a tabletop to the top of the dresser and adding some desk legs or caster wheels to the bottom (if wanted).

What is the Best Material to Make a Desk Out of?

The best material to make a desk out of is solid wood. But metal and steel can be a good choice if you’re short on budget.


Many people complicate building a desk with drawers, but it’s easy than you think.

In this article, I have discussed how to build a desk with drawers in 7 simple steps.

So, will you DIY a desk with drawers or buy one? Let us know in the comments.

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